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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our main office is located at 58 20th Avenue Cubao Quezon City

What are your products & services offered?

Rolled Carpet
Carpet Tiles
Grass Carpet / Turf
Roller Shades / Blinds
Vinyl Flooring
Rubber Matting
Office System Partition
Carpet Installation
Carpet Stripping
Carpet Shampooing
Blinds Installation
Grass Turf Installation
Office System Partition Installation
Wallpaper Installation

How can we reach you?

For faster transactions, you may call our office numbers at
34383825 / 84212422 / 79035657  TeleFax: 84213641
or E-mail us your requirement at [email protected]

How do we Request For a Quotation?

Send us a message on Facebook / Instagram
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-Shoot us an e-mail 
-Fax us at our Telefax number 84213641
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3. Pick-up date / Delivery date and delivery location

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How to Request for an Ocular Inspection?

Absolutely! Call us to schedule an ocular inspection from our skilled technical staff and if you need to see some samples / swatches, don't forget to let us know so our staff can bring it to you on the day of the inspection.